Friday, January 4, 2013

Fort Rapids Indoor Water Park Resort, Columbus, Ohio

We did a 4-day, 3-night getaway recently and stayed at Fort Rapids Indoor Water Park Resort in Columbus, Ohio over winter break for two of those nights.  It was a fabulous trip and the kids had a blast!  

We got all the details we needed from their website HERE and also did a search online for any coupons  prior to making our reservation.  We found one for $50 off our first night on this website HERE!  The condition of the coupon was that we had to phone in the reservation, which actually worked to our benefit because we asked what their best rates were when we called and they quoted us at $20 off the online pricing per night from the "Villa" room AND they gave us $50 off the lower quoted price for the first night using the coupon.  (Online pricing was $279 per night; Verbal quote was $259, less the $50 coupon for the first night's rate of $209, plus taxes {as of 1/4/13 on our visit...pricing may vary}).  The hotel pricing includes water park passes for two days for the occupancy limit of the rooms....ours was 6.

The down side to the visit is that the restaurant was not really in full working order.  It was a quieter time of year on weekday nights just after New Years in January, so we figured they were in the slower season and had less employees on board.  We were able to order from their menu at the bar and eat it in our room one night and our family did enjoy breakfast in the restaurant the next morning, but they were way understaffed and service was pretty slow.  The food was good though!  From that point on, we ended up shopping at Kroger nearby and getting treats and easy-prep meals to make in our room using the microwave there.  There is also a snack bar with concession-style food for purchase while at the water park.  They did tell us that in busier seasons they have a breakfast buffet in the restaurant, so make sure to inquire when you decide to go.

Other amenities at the Resort included: old-time photos, arcade, a gift shop and party rooms.  We did not participate in any of those, but it seemed like they were nice options for your trip.

We've been to three indoor water parks in the Indiana/Ohio area (see those Crew Reviews below) and found of those three, this was by far the best!  (We have NOT been to Great Wolf Lodge, so we can't make that comparison).  It was well staffed with lifeguards and very, very clean.  The water park facilities are SO MUCH FUN and we were well entertained for ages 3-39!  We give this stop two thumbs up and suggest you put it on your list of places to visit sometime soon.  Coming from the Indy area, it would be great for those traveling through town or looking for a 3-hour road trip at any time of year!

Grab a mat and shoot head first down the racer slides!

The purple slide is in the kiddie area, but honestly as an adult, if you lay down on your back with hands across your chest, you can pick up some speed....don't be fooled by the kiddie area!  It was one of my favorites!!

Water slides, dumping buckets, sprayers, levels to many options!

Ideal for the littles, this depth reaches no more than 18" deep.  Four short slides and basketball hoops make this a fun space!  Not pictured is a lazy river, hot tubs for ages 18+, a swimming pool, 2 fast and windy tube slides, and another tube slide my kids called the "toilet" that shoots you out into a bowl until you go down the drain!

The room we chose was the "Villa" and was the lowest priced one on the list.  To our surprise it came with a sitting area with a TV and a pull-out couch.  It also had two sinks, a private toilet/shower area, 2 queen beds, and an additional TV.  Perfect for this family of 6!

This small kitchenette area really came in handy!  Microwave, fridge, cabinets, counter top and a dryer!  Perfect!

As I write this on our 3-hour trip back to Indy, all four of my kids are fast asleep!  We asked the kids if they enjoyed the trip and a loud, unanimous "YES" filled the van as we pulled away.  Then our oldest followed it with a "Thank you Mom and Dad!"  Well, perfect.  You're happy, we're happy!  

Enjoy your road trip and as always, let us know if you go!

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  1. looks like one fantastic vacation! We and the family went to some pretty great Indoor Water Parks in Wisconsin over the years and it always been memorable