Thursday, October 11, 2012

Crew Review of the "Haunted House" at the Children's Museum!

As a blogger in the Indy area, the FYC team (My blondies and I!) were invited down to get a preview of the "Wicked Workshop" Haunted House at the Children's Museum of Indianapolis!  It was a lights-on tour and we were thrilled to be a part of the action!

I attended with my husband and my three and four-year-old kids.  The decor was AH-MAZING!  There are details in every inch of the "House" and we were speechless at the talent and time it took to make this a very spooktacular stop!

Word has it that the 2011 event brought in nearly 65,000 visitors and gave back upwards of $565,000 to the Children's Museum.  The "Haunted House" is a volunteer-run event put on by the Children's Museum Guild.  That's a small group of people bringing in a large amount of money and entertainment for many folks, all for the good of giving back to the that!

The hours vary during the weekdays and weekends and less scary "lights on" hours and  more scary "lights off" hours are available for your touring options and kids' needs.  During "lights on" hours, volunteers interact and engage with the guests and pass out candy and souvenirs.  During the scary times, it's more of a true haunted house with people dressed in black and hiding in the dark corners.  Find the time that suits your crew!

All info on timing, hours, and pricing are on this link!  
Let us know if you go....we think you'll LOVE it!

Get More Info On Their Site Here!

The tour is divided into rooms, each having a theme with music, lights, and sound effects!
In some spots there are tunnels, bridges, shaking floors, and light shows.

Enjoy the special effects like this walk-thru cat tunnel!

Love the educational parts!

He's 3 and looks scared, but he was just trying to take it all in.  
At the end, he says, "Wow, that was really fun, Mommy!"

Grab some snacks on the way out to make this a complete trip for the crew!  
All proceeds go back towards the Children's Museum!

The decor and design of this event is spectacular.  No detail was missed and we awe at the amount of work and time the Guild invested.  Make sure to hit this stop this Halloween season!

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