Sunday, October 21, 2012

Crew Review of Conner Prairie's "Headless Horseman"

The crew and I headed to Conner Prairie's Headless Horseman on a warm Saturday night.  The skies were clear and the temperature was perfect for a not-so-cool night on the Prairie!  We wanted to report back about this awesome event because there is some timing strategy to your arrival......

Gates opened at 6PM and we arrived at 6:30 and entered the Member gate.  As a Member with a "Plus" membership, we entered at no charge, but otherwise their weekend costs would have been $13 at the presale venues or $15 at the gate. (All the more reason to get a membership!)  If you have a Family Basic Membership, entry is free on Thursdays and the one Sunday they are open.  

At the 6:30PM time of our arrival (which I thought was on the earlier side of the 6-9PM admittance window), we were given 8:15PM tickets to start to line up for the hayride.  We actually did not even get on the hayride until about 9:15PM, so plan your night accordingly.  I overheard an employee say that people entering the gates at 7:30PM and later were already receiving hayride timed slots for 10-10:45PM!  SO, make sure to arrive early, early, early if you want an earlier hayride than that!

There is tons to do, see, and eat while you wait on your hayride.  There is all types of food including pizza, cupcakes, burgers, popcorn, nachos, gyros and hummus, hot and cold drinks, caramel apples, and so much more.  Some activity venues close down at dark, so in my opinion, the sooner you can arrive, the better!  My kiddos loved it so much we may even go back next week when Dad can go along for the ride, too!

One of the many hands-on tents to interact and engage with the kids.  Here sits the Fall Band!

The "Pumpkin-A-Pult" was so much fun to watch.  Wait your turn to sling a small pumpkin as far as you can and see if you can smash the target!

Ever done pumpkin bowling?

If all is busy, just grab a hill and start to roll!

It was a neat sight to see the illuminated balloon flying high at night.  
Might be a great time to take a ride!

The hayride lines form once you see your assigned time up.  We attended the puppet show at 8 and came out, grabbed our hot chocolate and coffees, and then got in our 8:15 line.  That way we weren't just standing around for too long.  

And we're on!  Sit tight, don't hang over the edge, and beware as you enter the woods!  My kids are ages 3 thru 9 and were all engaged differently.  My 4-year-old kept her head down most of the time, the 3-year-old sat tight in my lap, and the older boys were bummed they could not reach out and grab the headless horsemen as he came near!  The trail is about a 5-minute ride and it's spooky along the way!  Hats off to Conner Prairie for doing such a fantastic job offering a great family event!

Do you dare?  We say you do!  Enjoy!

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