Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Crew Review of "Saxony Beach in Fishers"

Welcome to Saxony Beach in the Lake District of the Saxony campus!  Located on Pennington Road off of 131st Street in Fishers (one street west of Olio), you'll find this family-friendly beach where memories can be made! 

Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 11AM-7PM
(Why is it closed Mondays?  The guards report it's for site maintenance)

Cost: FREE!!

What else is offered: Kayaks (on weekends), Beach Yoga (info on site at guard shack), a walking path around the lake, and special fireworks over the lake with kayak rental at night on July 3!

To answer some of your questions:

-Is it clean?  Yes!  We found some larger rocks and seaweed in the lake, but otherwise it's very clean and safe for swimming.

-Can we eat there?  Yes!  Pack a lunch or dinner and make a day of it!

-Is it open for those who don't live in Fishers or Saxony?  Yes!  All are welcome!

-Are there bathrooms and picnic tables?  Not yet, but a port-o-let is nearby. 

This is an up and coming area and this beach is brand new for 2012.  With that said, they're still in process of adding picnic shelters, bathrooms, parking, and dining.  In due time, the word is this will be one hoppin' place! 

Lifeguards check you in as you enter the beach. 
Several guards will be on duty in their chairs at all times....we like that!

Our crew ran right in and they report (even as of late May!) the water temperature is pretty warm!  Like most open water swims, the grade drops off and gets deeper out to the rope in the distance.  Little ones enjoy playing at water's edge, while the bigger kiddos can swim about in deeper waters. 


A quick video clip of the beach!

Bring your sand toys to make a sand castle masterpiece.  On this visit, the sand was still wet from the heavy rain earlier in the day.  It's a sand mixture with a gravel base, but we're in Fishers, Indiana, remember?!  We love this as a nice alternative to the busy pools.
(Gotta love our snow shovel....off to the store soon to restock the real beach toys!)

It's quite a large swimming area and beach front.  We estimate the total open space is roughly 150 yards long (6 indoor pool lengths) and about 10 swimming lanes wide out to the rope boundaries.  For those athletes looking to swim in open water for possible upcoming outdoor events, this would be a perfect spot to get your swim in!  A dock and boardwalk line the back drop across the lake. 

.....and we know it's all worth the trip with a face like this!  One of my kids was quite concerned he'd find snakes and sharks, but we told him he's in the wrong state for that!  We plan to make this visit quite a bit this season and as my oldest said on our exit, "But we are coming back tomorrow, aren't we?"  Pack some grub, pack the suits, towels, and sunscreen and we'll see you at the Saxony Beach!


  1. Thanks so much!! We used to live near a lake in Illinois and this sounds sooo similar...we will check it out soon!!!

  2. Thanks Heather! We really enjoyed it and we're happy to share what we've found. Let us know when you go and what you think of it!

  3. Great to know about, Mindy!! Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Thanks Lora! Glad it helped. Let us know when you go!

  5. Do you know why it's closed on Mondays?

  6. Hello Andrea! I asked that question to one of the guards and he said it is for site maintenance. There is a lot of construction in that area and he said they needed one day to get site work underway. Great question and thanks for asking! -Mindy

  7. How late in the year are you open? Would love to hold our church baptism there!

  8. Hello Sharilynn! I only wrote the review on the Beach and don't have any direct affiliation with them. You would want to direct that question to the folks at Saxony in their Marketing department. I found some info for you on this website here: http://www.saxony-indiana.com/contact-us.html Thanks for your interest in For You and the Crew! -Mindy

  9. I wonder a couple of things. First, will they be able to control the toxic algae that afflict Geist. Second, is the beach a marketing tool that will eventually be restricted to Saxony residents.

  10. Visited Saturday. Two huge bloated dead fish lingering on the edge of the water grossed me out enough to not want to go in the water. I think the water may need to be tested. Neat idea----local restaurants will send staff over to take a food order for you and deliver it to you. But unclear who is legitimate in doing this because anyone can walk up to you and take your credit card number or your cash. Management not good at explaining who is legitimate. But other than that, it was a peaceful experience as long as you stay out of the water.