Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Indianapolis Zoo!

You've either heard of or been to the Indianapolis Zoo.  I've lived in Indy my entire life and grew up going to the Zoo when it was at its former location.  I've seen the Zoo move and go through many changes over the course of time.  I've also seen my kids grow up with the zoo and continue to enjoy it at different ages in each of their lives.

It's amazing that it took me over one year since starting this blog to actually get down to the Zoo to write a review on it!  Many people have season passes, but for us it's usually an annual trip and one that we always really enjoy.

Check their website for special events, seasonal happenings, new exhibit openings, and construction updates....there's always something new in the works!

Kids are always a fan of the elephants!

The train ride is such a treat for the crew.  Lines can be long at times.

Love the pastures and back drop for many of the settings.

Blue skies filled the sky on this great day.  This polar bear was a crowd favorite!

Leaning in to "pet" the shark!  Do you dare?!

An underwater view of the dolphin tank.  So cool, but what do those dolphins think of all us humans watching their every move?!

The baboons are always my kids' favorites to watch.  They're such funny creatures and sooo entertaining.  Can you pick a few out to follow around?

Love the playground, snack bars and spray pads (in season) for even more Zoo fun!

So thankful for how easy it is for little eyes to get a good peek!

If you enjoy greens and flowers, we marvel in the beauty of the grounds as well.  Great work Indianapolis Zoo for offering our families fun, interaction, and beautiful places to learn and explore!

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