Monday, April 2, 2012

Crew Review of "Indiana State Police Museum"

We visited the Indiana State Police Museum located in Indianapolis near 21st and Post Road.  It's free and is open Monday thru Friday 9AM-3PM.  When we were there, no other groups were in the museum, so it was nice and quiet (except for the noise we brought in!)  The staff helped us get acquainted with the operable car and also gave us sticker badges for the kids.

We love that it's Free!  Kids don't have to be entertained in high tech, high dollar settings.  They can still be exposed to simple displays and be given the opportunity to let their imaginations run and explore!  We enjoyed this stop and the kiddos did, too!  I even heard my oldest say as we were leaving, "Now that was really cool!"  In fact, they're outside playing police and jail right now!

There is lots on display to see (not touch!).  Awards, pictures, vehicles, and more await your tour!

This 2-sided car was a favorite of our crew!  They can get in, honk the horn, run the light and sirens, steer the wheel, and play on the CB.  Don't forget to wear your hat, too!

Lots of cars and memorabilia to take in and talk about with your kids!  Great stop and two thumbs up!


  1. Thank you for visiting the Indiana State Police Museum. We hope you'll stop and see us again.

    Capt. David Bursten, ISP

    1. Thank you Captain Bursten! We really enjoyed the visit! We will be back! -Mindy Irish

  2. Thanks for coming in to visit us. I hope the kids had a good time and you will come back and see us again in the future. We are happy you stopped in.
    F/Sgt. Olehy
    ISP Museum

    1. Thank you Sergeant Olehy! We really enjoyed it and have been wanting to get there for a long time...Glad we finally did! Sorry we accidentally stayed a few minutes past the 3p closing. We appreciate that! -Mindy Irish