Saturday, April 7, 2012

Children's Museum Target Free Family Night

Sure it's a little more crowded, but it's free! Free nights at the Indianapolis Children's Museum are from 4-8pm on the first Thursday of every month. We arrived around 5PM and parking took time, but once in, the crowds were not too bad. We did find as it got closer to close, the crowds thinned out, so coming later and staying later was a good thing!

Many people enjoy purchasing a membership and if you plan to come multiple times a year, that's probably a great option!  Our kids ages 2-8 enjoy this trip every time and especially love to come around the holidays for the Jingle Slide.  Enjoy your trip!


Love the effects of the Dinosaur Adventure!

Little hands love to explore....who doesn't love to splash in the water?!

On this night around 5:30PM, you can see the crowds in action.  There were a few stroller jams here and there, but overall it was doable.  It was Spring Break for many in the area, so that could have impacted the crowds either way.

As you can see, the ramps were not too crazy busy. 
If a part seemed crowded, we just went towards a more open area!

Love the hands-on for the kids!

Thank you Indianapolis Children's Museum for offering such a great place for little hands to touch, young minds to explore, and families to create special moments in time!

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