Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Crew Review of the "Super Bowl Experience 2012 in Indy"

The NFL has their Super Bowl website with a wealth of info about parking, directions, events, tickets......you name it. 
You can get more info on the logistics at the Indianapolis Super Bowl Site HERE!

This Crew Review comes at you from one family to another!  What will you need to know with a family in tow?  We've tried to cover it all and hopefully many of your questions will be answered!

Parking-We purchased our parking space online.  We went in two separate trips and vehicles, so one of us had a garage on Illinois Street and the other had a spot at the old Airport.  Both were reserved and hassle free and had school bus shuttles to get us closer to the events.  I did see a sign that read, "Super Bowl Parking $25".  If you don't plan ahead, you're likely to pay for it!

We also read that you can get a shuttle bus down from Carmel and Fishers.  Might be a nice option if you're not into crowds and parking and closed streets!  Get more info on Park and Ride in downtown Indy Here and Hamilton County Shuttle Busses Here!  (We thank Around Carmel for the HC Shuttle info!)

More reserved parking options at: www.parkwhiz.com and www.parkhub.com

Strollers-We had three in our trunk (that's how we roll!), but chose to carry the littles into the buildings instead.  We figured they would be running about anyways.  Pros: nice not to have to mess with a stroller in all the crowds.  Cons: could have used it to hold kids (really?!), purses, coats, and gear.  Your call!

Tickets and Entry-The Village (free) is right outside of the NFL Experience. 
When you do arrive, have your tickets ready to be scanned as you enter.  They will NOT let you in before your assigned entry time.  Once you're in, you're in.  Stay as long as you want.  We prepurchased our Experience tickets online, but we're unclear if you can buy them at the door. It's best to call or visit the Super Bowl site Here for that!  Once you do get an assigned day and time, it's on or after that time that you can enter.

Wristbands-PLEASE NOTE: In order to participate in any event, rather than just walk around and observe, people of all ages must have a wristband on.  This is NOT associated with your ticket.  It's a wristband associated with the liability waiver that you will sign.  Woops!!  The hubs waited in a 30-minute line to get up to the front and discover that without a wristband, you don't play.  Wait in line for the wristbands (no fees!), sign the waivers, and then play away!  PS: There's a shorter line for wristbands up the escalators on the second level (actually near the coat check!).

Are There Extra Costs?-Once you're in, you're in!  Of course the food and souvenirs cost extra, but all of the indoor events are included in your price.  The Village is free and the Zip Line is an extra fee with a required pre-purchased ticket. 

Age Appropriate-This was a VERY family friendly event!  Kids of all ages were in attendance and engaged.  There are areas for adults and older kids to play and also a mini area for smaller kids.  Our kids are 8, 6, 3, and 2 and loved every minute of it.  If you child enjoys a park, playground, the zoo, or museum, then this is a good stop for you!

Events-Live bands, active play, obstacle courses, art station, face painting, food, shopping, dining, simulation booths, demos, and more!

Coat Check-There is a coat check and a fee associated with that.  However, the line for pick-up is quite long.  The walk in is lengthy, so be prepared for the cold outdoors and then what to do inside when you get ready to play!

Lines-There are lines everywhere!  It really depends on the time of your entry.  My hubs was there at 11AM and said the lines were ok.  We arrived at 1:30PM and he said by that time the lines had doubled.  Give yourself plenty of time for travel down, parking, loading shuttle buses, entry, exhibits, etc.  Remember, this is a very popular event and the crowds will be present, but wait it out and enjoy the experience......it won't be back anytime soon!

Shopping and Souvenirs-Special event, inflated prices, bring your bucks....if that's your style!  Our kids wanted to shop with the $3 in their pocket.  This is the Super Bowl, buddy, nothing costs $3!!

Food Sales and Outside Food-Like the goods, the food is pricey, but people were buying!  There's quite a nice variety and you can even walk around with on-site purchased alcohol.  For example, a bottle of Gatorade was $5.  A pretzel was $4.50 and the cheese to go with that was $1.50.  Happy kids though!  Some of us ate before we came or brought our own snacks and drinks.  There are also many spots with tables and chairs to sit and enjoy your treats!

The Village-We did not spend any time there, but it was nice to know it was easily accessible to the NFL Experience!  You walk directly under the Zip Line on your entry into the Experience, so that's fun to watch for those not willing to take the plunge!  Another family commented below on their experience with the Village.  Thank you for that!!

Overall-We were VERY impressed with the ease of access, the organization, the friendliness of the volunteers, and the opportunity for our family.  It felt safe and the excitement of being in Indy during this memorable event was a buzz!  Congrats, Indy, you look marvelous!

Love the feel of being downtown!  Lots to see and appreciate! 
Don't go in in a hurry though.  Bring your patience with you...this is the Super Bowl, folks!

This was outside at the Village.  There's no cost to walk the Village, but the Zip line is an extra fee.  It went right over our heads!  Will you dare?

The NFL Experience is great for getting your game on or just watching the scene! 
Lots to see and do!

One of the many interactive areas!  Dress comfortably like you're going to the park...you'll be walking (and running!) tons.....for those that wish to play!

Love the stations for the little ones where you simply just walk up and try some gear on!
This guy's 2.....he thinks he's 15 here!

She loved it, too!  Great for girls and boys!

The volunteers were wonderful and as you can see, the events are geared for all ages!
This is my 2-year-old making the pass!

Her one request....to get her face spray painted!  It was worth the long wait to see her smile!
There are many face paint options for the kiddos to choose from and it washes off easily with soap and water!

Slow it down with a football bean bag and a story read to the kids by a professional football player!

Live Music and dining tables nearby to enjoy a treat and the show!

Sign your star up and get them on the field! 
Flag football in action.  Whatcha' got?  Bring your A game!

What a treat to enjoy this NFL Experience!  It was worth the cost, the long lines, and the drive down to see my kids smiles, make memories, and be a part of the action.  Let us know if you go and enjoy making a memory with your Crew when you do!


  1. Our family had a great time at the village and the nfl experience. In the village we just walked around and got some hot chocolate for the kids to warm up. In the Nfl experience we mostly stayed in the younger kid area and it was perfect for the boys ages 7 and 5. there were lines but most of them did move quickly. We did take one umbrella stroller and it was used for our coats and for the kids to sit during long waits, like the face painting. We went to the food trucks on the circle after. Lots of choices and fast but you eat outside burrr. loved the experience!

  2. Thanks for your feedback! Glad you enjoyed it, too!

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    1. Thank you! We enjoy passing on the info we find. Thanks for your support and feedback! -Mindy

  4. It is such an exciting view guys. I have done zipline and it do scares me, but I like it.

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