Friday, January 27, 2012

Crew Review of "Peewinkle's Puppet Studio"

***Crew Review***

Located in the heart of downtown Indianapolis is the fabulous Peewinkle's Puppet Studio.  They have shows  in various times throughout the year as well as summer camps, birthday parties, and special events.  We attended the 2011 holiday show and our crew had a ball!  We even got to go on stage and later met some of the marionettes after the show!

Plan ahead for your trip with the tricks of one-way streets and limited parking.  Once inside, enjoy the show in their quaint, 50-seat studio and marvel in their handmade puppets and engaging program!  So fun!

Grab a popcorn while at the show!

Not a bad seat in the house!  Kids ages 10 and under will enjoy this show!

She makes it look so easy, but we know it's a skill to master to artfully move this marionette.  The live trumpet on this kangaroo makes it extra heavy, too!



So adorable and so life the video for a sneak peak!

Some sing and dance and all their costumes are just perfect!

Frosty is making his way down to greet the guests!

Do you dare raise your hand to be in the show?  Our crew enjoyed this role!

In the lobby you can purchase small marionettes to enjoy at home!

We can't wait to catch another show!  It's worth the trip and we liked that we could easily order tickets online.  For only $10 each, they do sell out fast!

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  1. Looks great! Was there anywhere to get lunch afterward that you remember?