Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Crew Review of "Rhythm! Discovery Center"

***Crew Review***

We headed downtown and tried a fabulous new stop recently.  Located in the Claypool Court below the Weber Grill on Washington Street, the Rhythm! Discovery Center awaits your musical interest and rhythmic talents!  A part of the Percussive Arts Society, this museum is perfect for those that love to have a hands-on approach in exploring, learning and just flat out making noise! 

It was perfect that we happened to be almost the only ones in there (how nice of them!) during our 90-minute visit, but still we were able to keep the noise levels high with our banging and drumming on the instruments!  If your crew is super sensitive to sound and loud noises, then you may need to take breaks or explore the quieter parts of the museum!

Pricing is $5-$8, and children 5 and under are free.  Annual family memberships are available for $50....might be something to consider if you make several trips down!

We suggest you make a day of it and grab lunch or visit other stops while there. 
We happened to choose a parking garage that was an $8 cost, but there were others to choose from that we later realized were less expensive.....(Now we know!)

This greeted us at the entry.....Now that's some drum!

Explore!  Gotta love a hands-on approach to learning! 
Some displays are for viewing only, but most are interactive.

Whatcha' got?  Grab a seat and show off your skills!

There are two sound proof recording studios.  Prepare your piece, press record, and show off your skills! 
Not bad for a little man!  A future drummer on our hands?!

In this cubby you'll find a cymbal.  In this cubby you'll find sticks.  In this cubby you'll find a tambourine........There was just so much to do!  Loved it!

Our group was thrilled with this trip!  It's great when you're looking to entertain with something new and excellent for those that want to touch and feel everything!  For the adults on the trip, there are plenty of historical pieces to read all throughout the museum in addition to many "Did you know" boards to challenge young minds!

A big thank you to the Percussive Arts Society and Rhythm! Discovery Center for providing a wonderful learning opportunity for our youth to get a new perspective and upclose view on music education!

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