Sunday, November 27, 2011

Crew Review of "Ben and Ari's"

***Crew Review***

Located in Fishers near 141st and SR 37, this one-stop-shop was great for dinner and family fun!  The only down side was the kids wanted to hurry through the grub to get over to spend through their tokens!  "Eat slowly and wait 30 minutes until you can play".....Nice try, that only works in the pool! 

As a parent, we loved the small size of this stop because we could easily see our crew as they explored the play space.  Two thumbs's a fabulous find!

Roughly $20 for a large Marco's pizza, cheesy bread and pitcher of fed our party of 6!

So much to see and do and great for kids of all ages!
Like we said earlier, just the right size so the kids aren't easily lost in the size of the place.
4 tokens for a $1, and most games take 1 token....doesn't break the bank too much!

It's not a party without the Skeeball!  This gal had to get her turn in, too!

It was chilly out, so we chose to bowl instead of golf.  Golf is open year round if you dare hit the course in the cold!!  We LOVED the bowling lanes!  The bowling balls fit perfectly into little hands, but don't stand too close....the balls were a flyin'!

Many party options with small and large rooms to meet your group's needs!

And when the tokens are spent and Mom and Dad are flat out of money, you add up your tickets and cash 'em in for some loot!  Who doesn't love a plastic boat or back scratcher?!!

Score of a stop!  We enjoyed our trip and it was just enough to fill our arcade cravings!


  1. I wanna go to Ben and aris cuz we love Marcos pizza and ski ball

  2. Thanks Lydia! Great place and great grub!