Sunday, October 9, 2011

Crew Review of Stonycreek Farm "Pumpkin Harvest Festival"

***Crew Review***

We took the family out to Stonycreek Farm in Noblesville on a warm Saturday afternoon.  The "Pumpkin Harvest Festival" was in full swing as we arrived.  They say the weekends are much more crowded, and because of that, they charge $5 per car for parking, but on the weekends only.

Entering the festival, you'll find so many great things to do!  However, we must say, that this visit is not cheap!  Tickets are required for nearly every event offered.  Tickets are $1 each and can be purchased at the ticket booths throughout the festival.  Booths may take 1-3 tickets each, depending on what it is.  Bring your cash, they don't take credit cards for the pumpkin purchases.

The grounds are gorgeous and if you're looking for lots of events to tackle such as a hay pile, petting farm, pony rides, a hayride, the pumpkin patch, tasty treats, and inflatables....then this is the place for you.  They say the weekdays bring fewer crowds, but also come with fewer activities for the kids.

We had a great time, but warn you this stop can really add up fast if you plan to eat and buy lots of tickets for all the events!  It truly has a festival theme, which is much more than your average pumpkin patch and hayride location!  We enjoyed it, but sometimes less is more!

So save your bucks and bring your cash!  Our crew cost $5 to park, $6 to ride the hayride, and $20 for 4 pumpkins.  We didn't do the extra activities or buy a treat.....but you can see how it adds up fast!

The hay pile kept the kids busy as we waited in the hayride line. 
Climb high and jump if you dare!
No tickets needed for this unique thrill!

The hayride is gorgeous!  Pile in, sit tight, and enjoy the ride.  Your pumpkin awaits!

This was new to us!  The pumpkin patch sits amongst the Christmas trees! 
We thought that maybe while we were out there, we should have tagged our tree that will be ready for us in about six weeks!

There were tons of pumpkins to shop!  The smaller pumpkins seemed to have been taken, so our crew went for the larger ones!  Our pumpkin rule: if you can carry it, you can get it!  I'm thinking this one's just a little too big for him!!  Yep, Mama carried this back to the much for the "rule"!

Our selections have been made!  We ride back to the festival and prepare to pay by the diameter for each pumpkin.  They say tall and skinny is the way to save some bucks!  Our crew loved their pumpkin picks!

Pumpkins are paid for and now it's time to play!  We chose to play on the "grounded" tractor, play set, and hay bale maze.  No tickets needed for those fun events!

The farm's setting is spectacular! 
Whether you come for little or much, the setting is worth the trip!

The ponies welcome and wave you goodbye as your farm trip comes to an end.  Barns, pastures, fences, and grazing's all part of the experience!

We really enjoyed this festival trip!  As we mentioned, if you want simple and basic, this may not be the best fit for you.  If treats, rides, and activities are on your pumpkin patch list, make sure to make this stop!!

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