Sunday, October 2, 2011

Crew Review of "The Museum of Miniature Houses"

**Crew Review**

We've driven by this museum on Main Street in Carmel many times and always wanted to stop in.  Well, we finally did it!  Our group ranged in age from two to 84-years-old, both boys and girls along. 

This Museum was begun by three founders 18 years ago.  There are a total of seven rooms, all displaying miniature houses, interior house views, and single room displays.  There are several historical pieces, some dating back to the early to mid 1800s. 

Fees to get in are $5 for adults and $3 for children ages three and older.  Hours are Wednesday through Saturday, 11AM-4PM and Sunday, 1PM-4PM.   We really enjoyed our trip and were there about an hour.  It was nice that we were the only ones there and could really explore all that this stop has to offer!  Two thumbs up to this unique find!!

This is just one of MANY homes to admire.  Look closely at each decorated space!
Parents rest easy...each home has glass fronts so little hands don't touch!

This dining table is set for six.  Each home's rooms are finished and decorated from top to bottom.  This one's a grand estate!

We didn't get all the way through it, but we enjoyed the scavenger hunt. 
What a great idea to keep little ones focused and intrigued!

The museum volunteers are so helpful and patient with the kids.  They explained the history of the museum, showed us special features on the homes, and answered many of our questions.  Thank you for making us feel welcome!

We have a dream to do this someday.  This miniature home has a twin life-size home, too!

This is the museum's oldest home dating back to 1861. 
We appreciate their preservation of these great pieces!

We read that 1/3 of all visitors to the museum are children.  This place is so kid friendly! 
There's one doll house at the kids' level that is for play...all the rest are for eyes only!
Also, there are stools in each room so little ones can get a boost up to see inside the houses.

We really enjoyed this stop and can't wait to go back!  It's so nice to meet people who work to preserve collections and creations for others to enjoy. 
What a great place.....Hope you plan to go visit sometime, too!

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