Thursday, September 8, 2011

Crew Review of "Ft. Wayne Children's Zoo"

***Crew Review***

Have you been to the Ft. Wayne, IN Children's Zoo?  We hear it's a fabulous place to go!  We're so thankful for one of our Crew Moms who submitted her trip's pictures and description so we could pass this on to you!

Like any zoo, they offer more in the way of shows, face painting, etc. on the weekends than during the week, but we had an awesome time when we went for free on Monday! It was not nearly as crowded, and we walked right in for the pony ride (the only "ride" that was still full price, but at $4, I didn't think it was bad). The Monday we went, all the other rides, the train, the carousel, the log ride, the sky ride, were half price.

Some of the highlights were feeding the giraffes, brushing the goats, going on the rides, the foliage (the African section is beautiful!), and there were a lot of toddler-friendly things to crawl on and through, and tons of interesting interactive things for older kids. A great time and definitely worth the drive!! 

Thanks for this Review, Sarah D!

Pony rides!

What characters!

Gorgeous gardens and getting a closer look!

Lovin' the face painting!

and we rave on how interactive this Zoo is, too!  Good times and worth the trip!

Thinking of trying some place different?  The Ft. Wayne Children's Zoo is a great option to consider.  Let us know if you go!  Watch, too, for periodic membership promotions between this Zoo and the Indianapolis Children's Museum.  At certain points during the year, they offer free entry to each other's members!  Good to know!

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