Saturday, August 6, 2011

Crew Review of Indiana Transportation Museum's "Fair Train"!

***Crew Review***

Have you taken a trip on the Fair Train?  Leaving from Fishers Station on 116th Street, you can catch a round trip to the Indiana State Fair and back from August 5-21, 2011!  We just rode the round trip part and left the Fair visit for another time. 

This station on the "Nickel Plate" line has been operating since the mid 1800s, and prior to that, trains ran on the Monon line.  Currently this train is run by the Indiana Transportation Museum, which has been around since the 1960s.  The Fair Train itself has been an Indy-area annual event since 1985.  One train captain tells us that the Fair Train trips may soon be no longer if the voting for the commuter train to downtown Indy gets passed.  Trains north of the Fishers Station will still continue, but you better ride the Fair Train telling how long it will be in operation!

Can't make the Fair Train, but want other train riding opportunities?  We found out that Volunteers ages 11 and up are welcome to work the train!  Also, there are many events throughout the year such as: the Pumpkin Train, The Pizza Train, and The Polar Express.  Make sure to visit ITM's link below for more details on the Fair Train and go to their home page for other events' calendars as well!  Make a trip.....Your Crew will LOVE it!!


They tell us the busiest trips are the 8AM, 11:30AM, 1:30PM, 4:30PM and 6PM time frames.  Pick a start time and pick your return trip.  No reserved seating....first come, first served!  They're not likely to sell out, it just may be harder to sit larger groups together on busier trains.  Tickets can be purchased at the train station and they take cash, check or credit.

Looking for an upgrade?  You can pay to upgrade your ride in the business car!  We toured this salvaged car that was formerly owned and used by the president of the railroad at one point.  Snacks are served and it's an interesting car with sleeping rooms, a bathroom, kitchen, and gathering area.

We can hear it, but we can't see it! 
Stay behind the yellow's pulling in with great presence!
Your crew will be amazed!!


It's here....this part never gets old! 
We wait as it slows to a stop and other riders exit so we can find our seats!

 Find a seat and have your tickets out.....the train staff are coming around to collect them!

Sit in groups of four and choose if you will ride forward or backward! 
There's not a bad seat in the house.....or I mean, train! 
Not all cars are air conditioned, so ask the staff and choose the coolest car!!
This gal found the ride quite relaxing, actually.  The kids were greatly entertained!

At the end of our trip we were invited for a tour of the big, black engine.  Climbing the steep steps and entering the compartment with all the bells and whistles, we were awe struck.  We met Larry the Conductor, who has been driving trains for 43 years.  Awesome!

and if you're in the right spot at the right time, you might just get a photo with the conductor himself!

What a treat this was! 
Our crew loved every minute of it and we highly suggest you find a train trip that interests you!  It's a great way to make some memories and take part in an old-fashioned Indiana tradition. All aboard!

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