Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Crew Review of "Cool Creek Park Nature Center"

***Crew Review***

Cool Creek Nature Center is great if you are looking for easy parking, no crowds, no cost, and easy in and out!  This Westfield/Carmel stop off of 156th and US 31 is part of a gorgeous setting amongst trails, open fields, a rolling forest, and a play set with picnic tables....make a day of it!

Did we already say it's Free?  With these great hours, you can't go wrong!

Whooooo do you see when you enter the center?

Can you imagine living in a tree this big?

A salamander, snakes, turtles, a bearded dragon, and birds are just a bit of what you'll see!

 We love that the tanks are easy viewing for little ones! 
So the snake in the tank has shed its skin, too!

Step right up and take a peek at what's crawling about....viewing centers totally meant for little ones!

The adults on the trip can sound like they are nature experts with the help of the "Did You Know" info pieces around the center!

The view out the back into the grounds is breathtaking! 
Grab your binoculars and bird poster and see what you spy outside! 
We spotted birds of all types munching away at the feeders!


For $2.78 we purchased two rubber snakes, a lady bug, and a frog. 
Our kiddos were in nature heaven!

When you're finished inside the center, stroll the gravel path in the gardens or check the maps to take a tour through the woods!  I hear creek stomping is pretty happenin' here, too!

We enjoy making this stop with our crew every time!  It's free, it's gorgeous, and it's very educational.....Love it!


  1. Thanks for the post. I think we will head there this afternoon.

  2. Thanks for the feedback Julie. Hope the trip went well and thanks for being a part of For You and the Crew!