Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Crew Review of "Trader's Point Creamery"

***Crew Review***

Trader's Point Creamery is on the west side of Indy, in a gorgeous rolling, wooded area off of 86th Street.  Opening its doors in 2003, it was then Indiana's only organic dairy farm and processing facility.  As their brochure describes, this farm's mission is to "farm in harmony with the land, produce nutritious products, encourage the education of farming, and promote a community of local food and farming". 

There's more to this farm than you would think!  You'll find a Farm Store with fresh milk, cheese, eggs, and yogurt for purchase.  There's also The Loft Restaurant with an amazing menu and Dairy Bar.  Special culinary events such as wine tastings and cooking classes are planned throughout the year. 

And you can't miss the farm tours, farmer's market, live concerts, educational programs and camps, and the farm animals, too!  That's some farm!!

As you enter, you're greeted by the sign that tells you all that there is to see and do while on your visit.

We chose to take the self-guided walking tour.  At just $2 per person for guests 4 and older, this was a great deal!  Buy your passes and get your directions for the tour at the Farm Store and then let the exploring begin!

The daily cow milking at 4PM is a must-see!  We were there earlier in the day and saw all the equipment, "the pit", and milk processing area.  We could only imagine what it would be like with the cows in there in action.......What an operation!

As you turn the corner around the big red barn,
you get a great view of the farm down below! 
Tractors, cattle, chickens, and farm equipment were all in our view!

We peeked in at the pigs as "Gwendolyn" and "Belinda" tended to their young piglets! 
This was quite entertaining and very educational for the older ones in our crew!!

We walked the gravel road with stroller in tow!  Staying on the road, we could view the "Milking Herd" as they grazed in the heat of the day. 
The Bull was close by his cows....Again, lots of questions!!
The total walking path is 1.3 miles, but we didn't take the whole loop!  What a great way to experience the outdoors, farm life, and get some exercise at the same time, too!

To round out our tour, we visited the Dairy Bar in The Loft Restaurant. 
Choose a treat or sit down for a tasty meal!

What's better than farm fresh chocolate ice cream
or a root beer float with vanilla ice cream to finish out the day? 
The troops were happy!

What a pleasure to visit the Farm today! 
These city folks loved stepping into farm life and getting to explore these gorgeous grounds! 
Thank you Trader's Point Creamery for giving us something fun and exciting to do!
See their website to plan your trip!  They've always got something going on.....the cows are always there!

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