Thursday, June 9, 2011

Crew Review of "West Park in Carmel"

***Crew Review***

The fabulous West Park is located just west of Towne Road on 116th Street in Carmel.  This 120-acre park is like no other in the area.  Pack a lunch to eat under the shelters, explore the trails on the grounds, walk the docks in the pond, play in the flowing sprinkler stream, or climb high in the child-safe silo to get the best view!  When you're looking to change things up from the typical park visit, West Park is a great stop for you and your crew!  In the summer months, the Carmel Parks and Rec Department hosts family camping outings and special movie nights at this park, too!

The gorgeous view from the silo!  Where to start?....There's so much to do!
Not pictured....nice play sets for kids of all ages!

Sitting down-wind from the sprinkler area is a secret tip on any hot day!

A slow moving stream is made by the spray from the sprinklers. 
Take off your shoes, make a splash, and stay a while!

Climb through the secret tunnels!

Climb the ladder in the silo and choose which slide you'll take to get back down!

Slide again and again! 
These can become quite fast when little ones before you have gone down with wet bathing suits.
Be careful, you may go fast!

and our very favorite part....feeding the ducks!  Bring your bag of old bread, walk the docks, and find a group of ducks (and fish, too!) to feed.  We love the railings built to keep little ones safe around the large pond!

West Park is a bit of a trip from our home, but when we need to break from our usual stops, we take the road trip and it's well worth it every single time!

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