Thursday, June 2, 2011

Crew Review of "Spencer Farm.....more than just berries!"

***Crew Review***

Have you visited Spencer Farm on 161st Street in Noblesville?  It's become our family tradition to hit the fields for strawberry picking each year.  Late May to early June, we get our dirty clothes and shoes on, lather up the sunscreen and put on our hats, and hit the fields!  Our picking adventure usually lasts about 30 minutes at max, but take your time and pick as long as you want! 

Spencer's motto is "More than just berries".  Other berries such as black and red raspberries, blueberries, fresh vegetable produce, pumpkins, and Christmas trees come with the seasons as well.  Not up for U-Pick?  Shop the Sweet Shop at the Farm for many great options and prepicked produce, too.  Parking is free, you just pay by the pound for what you pick!

Make sure to visit their website, join them on Facebook,
and get on their "Pickin' Times" e-letter to stay in the loop!

The farm staff guides you to the perfect picking row!

Pull back the leaves to look high and low for the perfect berries. 
Leave the green ones to ripen a few days....they're not quite ready!

Little hands can fill their own pint-sized containers as they pick along side you!

Who can find the biggest berry?

And little by little, one by one, your finds can really add up!

Take your berries up to the store to be weighed and to shop for more great finds!

Mr. Spencer assisted us on the checkout!  You gotta guess your poundage before it tips the scales!  We guessed eight pounds, but landed somewhere in the nines!  This box filled to the top will usually hold about 10 pounds.  Pricing is $1.99 per pound for strawberries.  Hint: Save the box and bring it back time and again this season for a $1 off each weigh-in!

Put your berries in the car and step inside with your receipt to pay.  While there, try some homemade fudge (super yum!), or pick from their array of ice cream, jellies, jams, candles, bread, and more.  The bakery items and pre-picked produce can be purchased here. 

Don't rush off....take your treats outside to the covered porch and grab a rocker. 
Sit back and enjoy the country....stay awhile!

.......and as you leave, you'll see more produce in the fields
prepping for the pickin' later in the season!

Check their website for produce seasons.....they go fast!  Strawberry season is roughly four weeks from late May to mid June.....Don't miss out!

What a simple way to create memories for family and friends and support a local, long-standing small business at the same time!

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