Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Crew Review of "Eagle Creek Park and Earth Discovery Center"

***Crew Review***

Eagle Creek Park is located on the west side of Indianapolis between 71st and 56th Streets.  The park was established in 1969 and is made up of 3,900 acres of rolling, wooded terrain and 1,300 acres of water in the Eagle Creek Reservoir.  The park is owned by the city and is operated by Indy Parks, and offers many great options for enjoying the outdoors. 

For just $5 per vehicle entry fee, you can enjoy walking and fitness trails, a swimming beach, boat rentals, a nature center, picnic sites and shelters, playgrounds, and a bird center!  Stop by for lunch, take a hike, or make a day of it by finding something fun to do here!

The focus of our trip was the Earth Discovery Center and a picnic at the Swimming Beach.
At no additional cost, the Center is great for seeing critters and creatures all native to Indiana and learning the ins and outs of park life!  Clear-glass tanks are located about with descriptions of what's inside!  Snakes, frogs, fish and more await your curious eyes through the glass!

Love that it's so kid friendly and focused.
The sign reads, "Yes, you may touch!"

Even the littlest of the the littles can get a clear view of what's crawling around inside!

Creative displays use a teachable moment to help kids know more about the best choices to make while in the park. 

School age visitors will enjoy the 18-item scavenger hunt while visiting the Earth Discovery Center and Park.  Look high, look low!  Can  you find a bird's nest, spider web, seed, or animal print, to name a few, and check them off the list?

One of our favorite exhibits....the buzzing bees, busy at work!

Little boys love all things down and dirty!  This exhibit displays different animal scat and gave our boys something to talk (and laugh) about.  Don't know what scat is?  Well, you just gotta visit to find out!

Capture a gorgeous view of the lake from the Earth Discovery Center's back deck!

Our day trip also included a swim at the Eagle Creek Beach!  There is an extra fee per person to enter the beach area.  Grab a picnic lunch, set up camp, then jump in for a swim!  This guarded area is safe for swimmers of all levels!

Make a splash at "Plunge Harbor"!  After you pass the 40-yard swimming test, put on your swimming vest, and pay the extra $3 fee, you can make your way out to the water slide and trampoline!  Our crew had a blast out there!

Our day trip cost about $25 for entrance to the park, the beach, and a few of us at Plunge Harbor.  Not bad for making memories and grabbing some great family time!   Try something new, venture away from your normal routine, and take in what Eagle Creek Park has to offer!

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