Wednesday, May 11, 2011

So how's this blog work, anyways?

Welcome to "For You and the Crew"!

Here's the scoop on how we keep you in the loop!

-We search high and low for all the happenin' things in Indy and the surrounding areas.

-On the orange button to the right, you'll find this month's calendar of events to keep you hopping!  You'll never run out of things to go and do!  So when the next month rolls around, there will be a new calendar......all.year.long!

-The BEST way to stay up with what's going on is to Like us on Facebook
That's where it's at!  We post reminders about the day's or week's events, highlight last minute activities we come upon, keep you plugged in to this blog, and just recently, our start of venue GIVEAWAYS!!  Who doesn't like winning free stuff??

-We also offer "Crew Reviews" of area events.  We like to play, too!  So we try to hit as many events around town and then we give a review of how it went. 
That way you can read about it and see pictures before you go!

-We also have a VBS, a.k.a Vacation Bible School, tab at the right as well!  We know there are a ton of great church programs in the area and sometimes you just want to know your options!  We created a list of several area programs and you can find your best fit on that list!

-This blog is about you and for you!  If there's an event you want to tell us about, we want to hear it.  If there's a VBS program we haven't found or you would like to do a "Crew Review" when you visit a venue, we'd love to have it! 

and of course.....THANKS for visiting and being a part of this! 
Our message.....if you find something great in life, you must tell others about it.  Don't keep it to yourself.  Pay it forward, pass it on, and tell someone else who just might want to know!

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