Tuesday, April 26, 2011

VBS Calendar and List of Programs In The Works!

V.B.S, (aka Vacation Bible School), happens all over Indy and Hamilton County each summer!  We're putting together a list of as many programs as we can find as a resource for you!  We'll have a page organized by location and then date just for area VBS programs!  Now, of course we can't test out all the churches and their programs, so we'll leave that up to you.  We're just offering you the list for your consideration!

Keep your eye out for this upcoming list (likely in late May) and also let us know about your church's program or one you have attended in the past!  When you come across a good find, you have to let others know!

You can comment with your church's info below or even email Mindy at dmirish@dmirish.com to get her the details!  Let's be in touch!!

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