Saturday, April 2, 2011

Crew Review of "A Plus Gymnastics, Community Day Open Gym"

**Crew Review**

A Plus Gymnastics, in the Hamilton County Sports Complex in Noblesville, has "Community Day" on Saturdays and Sundays from 12 PM to 3 PM.  This open-gym event is great for kiddos of any age.  We had a 17-month old in our crew and there were guys in their upper teens on the floor as well!  Pricing is $25 for the family, or $10 for an individual.  Special member discounts are available also.  We also hear there's an open gym on Friday mornings geared toward the younger crew!

Run, flip, or cartwheel down the springway into the foam pit....can you get out?

 Pull yourself out of the pit by using the high can you climb?

Make it up the rock wall and slide or jump your way into the foam pit!

Test your arm strength and perfect your iron cross on the rings.  We loved those large mats!

Run quickly, spring off the mini trampoline, and get over or through the donut wheel! 
Little tykes like to get over any way they can!

Focus!  One foot in front of the other and test your balance. 
Beams of all shapes, sizes, and heights are available for practice!

There's a bell at the top of that rope that rises up out of the foam pit.  Can you hit it?

If your little one is just not that daring or quite ready to get on the big kids' equipment,
there's a great mini-slide waiting to be used!  Our little guy made this his perch, but had fun exploring all of the areas.

......and for those that want to watch the fun from up above,
tables, chairs, and TVs are there for your enjoyment.

Visit the "Caddy Snax Cafe" in the 365 Golf Shoppe for a treat while you're there. 
If you check in to the Hamilton County Sports Complex with Foursquare,
you can access a free drink at the cafe by clicking on the  "Nearby Specials", too!

Our crew can't wait to go back!  We stayed for about an hour and they had plenty of fun.  Another crew fam told us that even more fun awaits upstairs in the form of bounce houses!  We're saving that for the next trip!  We aren't gymnasts by any means, but we're full of energy and this stop gave our crew a great place to let off steam!  What a great find!

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