Saturday, April 16, 2011

Crew Review of "Kids Against Hunger Food Packing"

**Crew Review**

Every day around the world 14,000 children ages five and under die from hunger or hunger related diseases.  It's pretty overwhelming to think about that loss, and how do we even begin to make a dent in helping out?  Now there's a way for you and your family to get involved and help make a scoop at a time!

"Kids Against Hunger" is a national organization with a local branch in Central Indiana.  They have a system for packing meals in individual bags, that eventually make their way around the world or maybe just down the street in our own neighborhoods.  Their slogan
"Feeding families around the world.....and around the corner" pretty much sums it all up!

How can you get involved?  Food packing parties can exist at your place of business, church, for small groups for team building activities, or schools, to name a few.  Also, on the third Saturday of each month at the American Red Cross in Noblesville, your group or family can sign up on the link below to pack away! 

The event highlighted below was the first annual "Pack-A-Thon" held at the Hamilton County Fairgrounds.  It doesn't take a grand skill to be a part of these events, just a willingness to want to help!

Tears filled my eyes as we entered the room to start packing.  The facilitators cheered the crowd as we approached our assigned tables.  "Are we really cut out for this, and wouldn't two hours be a long time?", I thought to myself as we entered.   Not even.....the time flew by and we all had an important role to play!

It's a simple system and the assembly line set-up allows people of all ages to jump right in.  We got a quick run down and demo of what to do and how to do it.  Just remember....."The rice goes in last"!

It starts with a bag.  Each bag will hold six servings, and at that, this one serving is likely the only meal some of these people will receive for the entire day.

Little eyes peer over the box, just waiting to jump in and help. 
Scoop, measure, pour! 
This 5-year-old caught on very quickly!

There's a system.  Someone holds the bag, then you add one cup of soy protein, a scoop of dried vegetable mix, a scoop of 21 vitamins and minerals, and then one scoop of white rice.

The bags are heat sealed (gotta count to three!), and then collected for packaging to eventually make it on the truck.  At this one-day event, 250,000 bags were packed and shipped out....amazing!

We did hit bottom several times and our bins were refilled.  A sadness did come over us when the room eventually ran out of ingredients.  Our shift was over, but people don't quit getting hungry.......

The final product! 
After we were finished, we got to see and taste a sample of the meals we had put together. 

It all started with a willingness to help.  Grab a bag, add the scoops, seal the bag, and box the packages.  Load the trucks and ship the meals around the world to feed hungry families in need.
We'll never meet the people that will enjoy these meals.  Just as their stomachs will be filled with a balanced meal, our hearts were filled with a joy in knowing we gave just a few hours and a few scoops of effort to make a difference in someone's life.

We don't usually put personal pictures on our Crew Reviews.  This time is different.  We wore our hair nets with pride!  In this room, it's the in thing to do!  We gave two hours, served as a family, and got to know new people.  I post our family's shot so you can picture YOU and your family here, too!  Find out how to get involved at the link at the top!

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