Monday, April 11, 2011

Crew Review of "Indianapolis Indians Baseball Game"

**Crew Review**

An Indianapolis Indians Baseball game is one of the most old-fashioned ways to entertain a family!  This gorgeous stadium sits in the heart of downtown Indy and has spectacular views of the city skyline.  Clean and well kept, it's a pleasure to bring the kids down to watch a game! 
Who doesn't like a good baseball game in the spring and summer time?

The players line up and the flag is brought to the pitcher's mound.
National Anthem and baseball...does it get anymore American?

As the daylight disappears and the game lights shine brighter, all fans are watching closely and the activity really picks up.  Be on your toes to catch any foul balls!

Everyone loves snacks at the game!  Hot dogs, nachos, name it!
Special note....they don't have lids and straws for their drinks.....and we're still not sure why?
Walk slowly and drink quickly.  It makes it a little tough to keep little people from spilling their drinks!

The game board sits above the outfield, fan lawn area.  As an alternative to stadium seats, you can purchase lawn seats for $9 each and bring your blanket and picnic basket.  This might be the best bet for visitors with smaller kiddos in tow!

Meet Rowdie!  He's on the field, in the stands,
and giving high-fives and autographs all over the place!

If you upgrade your ticket for a Thursday Night Value Pack, included in your ticket price is a hot dog, unlimited soft drinks, and your choice of one of these three amazing souvenirs.  Keep your shirt or ball out just in case Rowdie walks by and you want an autograph!

Our crew really enjoyed this game!  We made it 4 innings, but that was in the middle of the stands.  Parking was not too far away, and at only $5, we got some exercise in while strolling back to the lot.  Check out the Indians game schedule.  They have theme nights and offer group ticket pricing.'s just warm-weather, family fun!

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