Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Crew Review of "Indianapolis 500 Hall of Fame Museum"

**Crew Review**

The Indianapolis 500 is one of the must-see staples of Indiana!  2011 marks the 100-year anniversary from the date of the first race.  Our crew ventured over simply because it was inexpensive and if offered something different for us to do.  However, we came away with a new appreciation for the history of this amazing event,
with smiles and celebrations had by all! 

Adults are $5 per ticket and children ages 6-15 are $3.  Ages 5 and under are free!  The ONLY disappointment our crew had was that there was not a race going on and that we weren't able to drive ourselves around the track, fast.....maybe someday guys, maybe someday!

The Museum entrance is located off of 16th street at gate 2. 
Travel under the track and find yourself in center field .....right in front of the museum!

What a grand entrance! Rows of colorful cars and decades of history are lined up to enjoy!

This chief mechanic made sure our pit crew was well aware that
these blue ropes meant "for your eyes only"!

Our little ones enjoyed finding the car from the year of their birth. 
Yes, there's one there for Mom, Dad, and Grandparents, too!

Our little lady was pleased to know race cars do come in Pink!

Little eyes may miss the pictures hung high,
but loads of history surround the perimeter from the race days of yesteryear.
Loved hearing one our crew say, "Look, Mommy, cars from the olden days"!

Of course there's a spot for kids!  The IMS has a great program called the "Kids' Club". 
For an annual fee, you can join and get special event passes, discounts, and souvenirs. 
See if this is a good fit for your little drivers!

At this spot in the museum, they've also got a climb-in car for kids of all ages! 
For $5, you can get a picture souvenir of your fam in the car......smile and pose, it's worth it!

Of course you've got to hit the gift shops!  Yes, there are two! 
This is where our inexpensive trip started to change in dollar signs!
There are $3 stickers all the way up to $600 driver souvenirs....take your pick!

Finally, for an extra fee, our party of five got their cruise around the track!
The pricing is the same as the museum entrance, and while you're there, it's worth it!
The 15-passenger van didn't hit record speeds, but knowing we were taking a lap on
"The Indy 500 Track" was priceless and we took it at any speed!  We learned so much from the driver's tips and insights on this one-lap tour.  Grounds tours are also available for higher costs.

We pulled up to "Winner's Circle" and the van driver explained how the winner's car is lifted up, the driver is crowned with the well-appointed wreath, and the infamous bottle of milk is downed with pride.  This picture, taken in early April, was just a little over a month away from another driver making history in this spot!  We could just see it happening!

Everyone loves a free poster! 
The rolls of tape popped out as soon as we hit home and the crew proudly displayed their new souvenir!  .........And they're still talking about the whole experience hours later!

This museum is well worth the trip!   It's not your typical kid-stop with balloons and craft stations, but the history lesson and experience for everyone in your group is priceless.  What a great way to feel part of the amazing racing tradition without being in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the season.  Hats off to keeping the last one hundred years of racing in Indiana alive!

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