Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Crew Review of "Conner Prairie Interactive History Park"

**Crew Review**

Conner Prairie Interactive History Park is located in the heart of Fishers near 131st and Allisonville Road.  This indoor/outdoor experience presents new opportunities at each visit.  Swing in for an hour or plan to stay the entire day....we love that part of it!  There is an amazing calendar of events planned at this venue and there's great fun for the entire family year round.  Summer camps, one-time classes, and holiday events are offered and provide excellent exposure for your family's fun history lesson!

Entry fees are $14 for adults, $13 for seniors, and $9 for youth ages 2-12.  We've found it best to purchase a membership because we truly do use it year round, and after just two visits, it nearly pays for itself!  Membership rates are $55 for singles, $70 for family basic, and $100 for family extended.

Entering through the Welcome Center, you'll have the option to explore in the Discovery Station, the Craft Corner, Dress Up, the Wagon Maker's Shop, Science Lab, or Mr. Lilly's Farm.  In this picture at the Craft Corner, visitors are making a stamped floor cloth.  After it dries, they get to take it home!

You've seen it flying high in the sky!  It's the Conner Prairie hot air balloon!  Rides are offered for all ages for $15, or $12 for members.  We rode this sky-high balloon in the summer of 2009....and we're still talking about it!  Hold on tight and look far and wide as you hang in the sky!

As you venture outdoors and head towards Mr. Connor's home, you'll also see the Animal Encounters Barn.  Which animal is roaming about today?  Little ones arriving weekly!  Goats, sheep, calves, and baby chicks are on the center stage!

Does it get any cuter than seeing your little ones adore over animal little ones?  At our visit, there was a seven-week old baby calf and a three-week old baby sheep.  They love to roam, but don't stray too far from Mama!

Ever make a candle?  It's quite the process!  For $4 per person, each visitor can make their own during this 45-minute adventure.  Here's the process: dip your string in the wax, walk around while it air dries, dip your string in, walk around......over and over again!  Perfect for older kids and adults, but you get your own candle to take home!  What an experience to realize the time involved for one of the few ways to get light in the homes and businesses back then!

This large ox stole the show for this little guest.  Animals were used frequently for working the land and pulling families to and fro.  Periodically, these large animals will be used for events and demonstrations in the exhibits throughout the year.

No TV, computers, or iPads back then! 
Grab your stick and see how long you can push your ring to stay entertained!

Prairie Town is the place to be! 
Walk in and visit the school, the potter, Mr. Curtis the Blacksmith, 
and many more homes and businesses along the way!

We love being outdoors and getting in our exercise! 
June 2011 marks the grand opening for a newly renovated outdoor exhibit on the south side of the park.

Meet Mr. Whitaker at the Mercantile!  When asked if I could take his picture, he was quite confused about the "thing" in my hand and asked if it would hurt me!  This mercantile sells fabric, whiskey, wine, tools, shoes for $1 and 2 bits, brooms, books, and more.  Love that those dressed the part stay in character true to the period.  Ask questions and interact....they've got a story to tell!

In all that there is to explore and see, don't forget to take in the beauty of the grounds.  You can grab a bite to eat at the Cafe on the Commons or bring your own food to enjoy at several spots on the grounds. 

Our crew loves to run off some steam and we love to enjoy the grounds and take in the fresh air!  We see something new at every visit and are so thankful for such a great place to take our crew to experience life as it was many, many years ago!  Thank You Conner Prairie!

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