Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Crew Review on "Dancing Dolls" at the Fishers YMCA

 **The Crew Review**
This class is perfect to expose little girls to dance! Miss Kelly directs this 40-minute class and introduces beginner dance moves and terms through repetition and upbeat music.

Each week has a theme, a story time, and a coloring session to round out the class. The last session of the 7-week class involves a "Princess Parade" through the halls of the YMCA!

Sessions are ongoing year round and are available for ages 2 and up. This class is offered for members and non-members.

Miss Kelly loves what she does! This parent-child class is great for family members to dance along side their little ones, too!

No one's just shake it!
And then we color! Your little lady gets to create her own masterpiece and take it home to show off!

Smiles fill the room as we dance and sing with our Dolls!

.....and memories are created for sure!

Near the end of the session, there's the famous walk of the red carpet where each Doll get's crowned and has her 10 seconds of fame!  Moms, Dads, and visitors then walk the halls of the YMCA with the Dolls to wave big for the "Princess Parade"!               

Get More Info Here! Fishers YMCA;
Search for the program guide for current class schedules.

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