Friday, March 25, 2011

Crew Review on Conner Prairie "Discovery Station"

Step in to "Discovery Station" at Conner Prairie in Fishers!
It's a great place for imaginative play and allows little ones to go from the farm, to the store, to the garden, or even to the train station! The place is filled with books, puzzles, and a log cabin building area, to name a few.  Most children ages 10 and under would feel at home here, but it's also a great place for big kids and parents to interact with the little ones as well.

Starting April 1, the outdoor exhibits open and
the entire park's hours are 10-5, Tuesday-Sunday.

**The Crew Review**
It's great for the entire fam. Our crew enjoys it year round and calls it one of our A++ stops.
Consider a family membership for only $65, and $95 to include grandparents.
Two trips there and it's paid for!

Doll houses, train tables, and the farm in the distance!

Tend to your veggies in the garden or stop by the farm to milk the cow
or shoot some "basket" ball hoops!

Dress up in your favorite character or shop at "Mudsock Market". Play food, a cash register, aprons, and pretend money help your little one step into character!
I'm pretty sure they don't take Visa!

Meet Rosie! She's quite patient and really enjoys the kids! Moo.....

Pull up the stool and start milking Rosie!

Today's order: a can of peaches, red pepper, cucumber, and squash.....that will be $1.25, please!

Pick apples from the apple tree.....just don't get caught taking a bite!

All aboard at Fisher's Station! Wait in line for tickets.....the train's leaving soon!

After a long day, the table's set in the kitchen and a homemade dinner awaits.
There's room for four at this feast!

Make a final stop at the Gift Shop. The $.25 sucker sticks come in many different flavors and the kids, big and little, enjoy picking out their own flavor!

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